Executive Deputy Treasurer:

The second most important office in the treasurer of gcptalks, Inc is the Executive Deputy Treasurer who shall manage the office of the Fundraising Director, Marketing Director and the Natural Disaster Director department. Making sure that the funds they advocate and received by donors are certified and seal. The Executive Deputy Treasurer additional duties is to make sure fundraisers develop a strategy and money they campaign for is use for the purpose they are intended. And other policy behind.  More Details 


Fundraising Director

Our Fundraising Department guidelines and policy, is that this office shall raise funds every month and every year. There are annual periods when fundraising must reoccur on the same date/ and month of every year. Every 15th of every month the Fundraising Director will hold a gathering  to collect Funds. Funds raising event such as a Bus ride, Boat Ride, Zoo Trip, New York Tour Trip, Marathon  run or walk drive Funds. Additional Fundraising even planning.


Online Fundraising and Donation

The Fundraising Director is responsible for funds received and promise. The Fundraising Director must share fundraising data with the executive Deputy Treasure. Fundraising raised shall be certified by Fundraising Director and once Executive Deputy Treasurer. Notify, the office of the Executive Deputy Treasure shall proceed with certifying funds- received from the Fundraising Director Department.  More Details 

Funds raised will use for what it was intended. And funds raised, shall be given to programs within the corporation, and shall again be used only for what was mentioned at the beginning of the fundraising campaign. Not favors, no wrong doings, shall be allowed. The Fundraising Director will enforce the policy of no wrong doing. All funds will hand over to the Treasurer department after each fundraising session expires.   More Details 



The Funds, if it was intended that the fundraising mentioned that funds was to be disbursed to each department budget. In our policy of fundraising and, at each fund- events a portion of the funds being raised shall be given to the G