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The United States of America and its territories. Granting that our office shall see all request letter in full review and investigation as to who is so needy. For the dire need support which is being requested as the

people face with, disaster, COVID-19, AIDS, CANCER, HUNGER, HOMELESSNESS, ABUSE, CRIME, JOBLESS, NATURAL DISASTER and Other as they endure these issue affairs experience. It's with this office, that this office shall act to serve its cries. And as we are a giving charity for humanity every hand out must have a proper document request letter.


Nonprofit GCPTALKS Corporation Policy


ANYONE OUT OF THE NOT PROFIT TO DICTATE FUNDS! OR WILL ANY UNAUTHORIZED OFFICER DEMAND FUNDS. This is our firm policy now and for every, pursuant to these bylaws

Our staff relatives or friends can not convince an officer of the nonprofit to advocate funds for any purposes, funds can only be in professional verbal with intentions to write in on paper or sent in the mail certified and email and still it will be reviewed and answered in a certified letter. All requestees must share the original and permanent address, and four more identifications. The other ID# DOCS will be addressed by the treasurer when it's needed. 

The office of the Treasurer shall not all anyone or individual or company to ask for funds and we in return hands them a check, if the funds are not there to give their request must be denied. But Fundraising director and Natural Disaster Fundraising Director can put these needs on their next fundraising agenda and allow it to happen for the needy. Therefore, the Outreach Director will document the request and process the need (s) of the request. The office of the Treasurer including the Assist Deputy will not allow anyone outside of the United States to dictates or scam our policy by asking this office to engage in wrongdoings. For anyone who is truly in need and who wants to receive funds, it must be through the proper channel (s) writing a letter. Speak with the secretary of the Board of Directors and the Outreach Director.

                       Email or call  Secretary of the Board 

Contact Non-Profit Secretary for Info



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